Default Item Template

This section lists the fields that are used in a default template for widget items.

By default, a predefined item template is applied to display the items of this widget. This template is based on certain fields of the data source provided for this widget. Below is the list of these fields. If the default item template is not appropriate for your task, implement a custom item template based on these or other fields of your data source.

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Specifies whether or not a widget item must be displayed disabled.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false


Specifies html code inserted into the widget item element.

Type: String


Specifies the item location and size against the widget grid.

Type: Object|Array

If you need to specify different locations for different screen factors, pass an array of objects with the same structure to the location field.

<div class="header" data-options="dxItem: { 
    location: [
        { row: 0, col: 0, colspan: 3, screen: 'lg'},
        { row: 0, col: 0, colspan: 2, screen: 'xs sm md'}]


Specifies an item template that should be used to render this item only.

Return Value: String|jQuery

A template name or a template container.

Whether you use a default or a custom template for widget items, you can specify a specific template for a particular item. To do so, set the template field for the data source object of this item. The following types of the specified value are available.

  • Assign a string containing the name of the required template.
  • Assign a jQuery object of the template's container.
  • Assign a DOM Node of the template's container.
  • Assign a function that returns the jQuery object or a DOM Node of the template's container.
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Specifies text displayed for the widget item.

Type: String


Specifies whether or not a widget item must be displayed.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: true