An object used to manage OData endpoints in your application.

Type: Object

This object selects local data service URL or production data service URL depending on the application execution mode. The endpoint options are passed to the EndpointSelector constructor.

var endpointSelector = new DevExpress.data.EndpointSelector({
    db1: {
        local: "http://localhost:55555/service1.svc/"
        production: "http://services.example.com/service1.svc/"
    db2: {
        local: "http://localhost:55555/service2.svc/"
        production: "http://services.example.com/service2.svc/"
    . . .

Note that the EndpointSelector can hold several endpoints. You can access the required one by its key using the urlFor(key) method.


This section describes the methods of the EndpointSelector object.