Configures the axis title.

Type: String|Object

The axis title is a short text displayed alongside the axis. Usually, the axis title shows units of measurement for values displayed by the axis. You can put any text in the axis title though.

DevExtreme HTML5 Charts AxisTitles

If you assign an object to the title option, specifying the text field of this object is necessary for the axis title to be displayed. Besides the object, the title option accepts a string, thus providing a shortcut for setting the axis title. Therefore, this:

title: 'Axis Title'

is the same as this:

title: {
    text: 'Axis Title'
See Also
  • commonAxisSettings | title - configures all axis titles in the widget.


Specifies font options for the axis title.

Type: Object


Adds a pixel-measured empty space between the axis title and axis labels.

Type: Number
Default Value: 6

DevExtreme HTML5 Charts AxesTitleMargin


Specifies the text of the axis title.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined