Configures the appearance adopted by the series when a user selects it.

Type: Object
Though not provided out of the box, the selection capability can be implemented using the widget API. Refer to the onPointClick option description for details.

Declared in commonSeriesSettings, selectionStyle applies to all series in the chart. Declared in a series configuration object, selectionStyle applies to this particular series only. The series-specific selectionStyle overrides the common one.


Specifies the color of the series in the selected state.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

This option supports the following colors.


Configures hatching that applies when a user selects the series.

Type: Object

Hatching is filling an area or a bar (depending on the series type) with parallel diagonal lines. In the Chart widget, it applies when a user selects a series.


Specifies the pixel-measured width of the series line when the series is in the selected state.

Type: Number
Default Value: 3