Specifies options for showing and hiding the first level submenu.

Type: Object|String
Default Value: { name: 'onClick', delay: { show: 50, hide: 300 } }
Accepted Values: 'onHover' | 'onClick'

If you assign a string that specifies the mode name to this option, the widget will use the default delay value.

showFirstSubmenuMode: "onHover"


Specifies the delay in submenu showing and hiding.

Type: Object|Number
Default Value: { show: 50, hide: 300 }

Passing a number to this option is the same as passing an object whose show and hide fields hold equal values. For example, the following ways to specify the delay are identical.

delay: 300

delay: {
    show: 300,
    hide: 300


Specifies the mode name.

Type: String
Default Value: 'onClick'
Accepted Values: 'onHover' | 'onClick'