A repository of animations.

Export: default

To avoid defining animations each time you animate an element(s), register different animations in the DevExtreme.animationPresets repository and request them by associated names when required. This repository has a built-in set of animations. Here they are:

  • fade
  • stagger-fade
  • slide
  • stagger-slide
  • ios7-slide
  • overflow
  • ios7-toolbar
  • stagger-smooth-drop
  • stagger-drop
  • stagger-3d-drop
Stagger-like animations are executed by the transitionExecutor only. They cannot be applied by calling the animate method for a particular element.

To populate the animationPresets repository with your animations, use the registerPreset(name, config) method. To get the required animation from the repository, use the getPreset(name) method.


This section describes the methods provided by the DevExpress.animationPresets object.

Name Description

Applies the changes made in the animation repository.


Removes all animations from the repository.


Deletes an animation with a specific name.


Returns the configuration of the animation found in the animation repository by the specified name for the current device.


Registers predefined animations in the animation repository.

registerPreset(name, config)

Adds the specified animation preset to the animation repository by the specified name.


Resets all the changes made in the animation repository.