An object that defines a gauge indicator of the textCloud type.

Type: Object

Value Indicator

TextCloud Gauge Value Indicator DevExtreme

Subvalue Indicator

TextCloud Gauge Subvalue Indicator DevExtreme


Specifies the length of an arrow for the indicator of the textCloud type in pixels.

Type: Number
Default Value: 5


Specifies a color of the indicator.

Type: String
Default for value indicators: '#C2C2C2'
Default for subvalue indicators: '#8798a5'


Specifies the distance between the indicator and the invisible scale line.

Type: Number
Default for value indicators: 20
Default for subvalue indicators: 6


Sets the array of colors to be used for coloring subvalue indicators.

Type: Array|String
Default Value: 'Default'
Accepted Values: 'Default' | 'Soft Pastel' | 'Harmony Light' | 'Pastel' | 'Bright' | 'Soft' | 'Ocean' | 'Vintage' | 'Violet'

Use this option to color subvalue indicators. If the number of colors in the specified array is less than the number of subvalue indicators, the colors are repeated, but slightly modified.

If you need to draw all subvalue indicators in one color, specify the subvalueIndicator | color option.

When configuring the widget using ASP.NET MVC Wrappers, you can specify this option using the VizPalette enum. This enum accepts the following values: Default, SoftPastel, HarmonyLight, Pastel, Bright, Soft, Ocean, Vintage and Violet.


Specifies the appearance of the text displayed in an indicator of the rangeBar type.

Type: Object

Note that the indent option of the text configuration object must not be set to 0 if you need to show the text.