An object defining configuration options for the series when it is selected.

Type: Object

The PieChart widget comes with API members that allow you to select the series in code. To set a custom 'selected' style for the series, use the selectionStyle object within the series configuration object.


An object defining the border options for a selected series.

Type: Object

To set custom border settings specific to the 'selected' state for the series, use the properties of the series | selectionStyle | border configuration object.


Sets a color for a series when it is selected.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

This option supports the following colors.


Specifies the hatching options to be applied when a point is selected.

Type: Object

Within this object you can specify how to apply hatching using the direction option, the width and opacity of lines with the width and opacity options, and the space between the lines using the step option.