An array of markers displayed on a map.

Type: Array

If you use the Knockout approach when working with the Map widget, you can pass an observable array to the markers option to easily manage markers.

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A URL pointing to the custom icon to be used for the marker.

Type: String


Specifies the marker location.

You can specify the location value in one of the following formats.

  • { lat: 40.749825, lng: -73.987963}
  • "40.749825, -73.987963"
  • [40.749825, -73.987963]
  • 'Brooklyn Bridge,New York,NY'

When you configure the Map using ASP.NET MVC Wrappers, specify this option using the Address() or Coordinates() method as shown in the following code.

Razor C#
Razor VB
    .Markers(markers => {
        markers.Add().Address("Brooklyn Bridge,New York,NY");
        markers.Add().Coordinates(40.74982, -73.987963);
@(Html.DevExtreme().Map() _
        markers.Add().Address("Brooklyn Bridge,New York,NY")
        markers.Add().Coordinates(40.74982, -73.987963)
    End Sub)


A callback function performed when the marker is clicked.

Type: function


A tooltip to be used for the marker.

Type: String|Object

This option takes on an object containing the text and isShown fields. The text field specifies the tooltip text. The isShown field takes on a Boolean value that specifies whether a tooltip is visible by default or not. If the tooltip should be hidden by default, pass the tooltip text directly to the tooltip property.