The Button widget is a simple button that performs specified commands when a user clicks it.

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The following code adds a simple Button to your page.

<div id="buttonContainer"></div>
$(function () {
        text: "OK",
        onClick: function (e) { 
            DevExpress.ui.notify("The OK button was clicked");

In the previous code, the click event is handled using the onClick option. Alternatively, you can attach one or several handlers to this event using the on(eventName, eventHandler) method.

var clickHandler1 = function (e) {
    // First handler of the "click" event

var clickHandler2 = function (e) {
    // Second handler of the "click" event

    .on('click', clickHandler1)
    .on('click', clickHandler2);

The appearance of the Button is predefined by its type. Find more on this and other properties that impact the widget appearance in the Customize the Appearance article.

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