The Form widget represents fields of a data object as a collection of label-editor pairs. These pairs can be arranged in several groups, tabs and columns.

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The following code adds the Form widget to your page. The simplest configuration of this widget includes only a data object.

<div id="formContainer"></div>
$(function() {
        formData: {
            firstName: "John",
            lastName: "Heart",
            position: "CEO",
            officeNo: 901,
            birthDate: new Date(1964, 03, 15),
            hireDate: new Date(2012, 04, 13),
            city: "Los Angeles",
            phone: "+1(213) 555-9392",
            email: "jheart@dx-email.com"

The configuration above creates one label-editor pair per each field of the data object. Such a pair is called "simple item". Simple items can be organized in groups, tabs and columns.

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