In the UI

To allow the user to delete items from the List, set the allowItemDeleting option to true. The mode in which the user deletes items depends on the value of the itemDeleteMode option. There are several modes that are enumerated in the code below. To spot the difference between them and choose the most suitable one, refer to the example that completes the option's description in the API reference.

$(function() {
        // ...
        allowItemDeleting: true,
        itemDeleteMode: "toggle" // or "static" | "slideButton" | "slideItem" | "swipe" | "context"

NOTE: If List items are supplied with the context menu, the itemDeleteMode option is ignored in favor of the menuMode option.

NOTE: If you use a remote data source, the List itself does not delete items from it; it only makes a query to it. It is the data source that is responsible for this query to be correctly processed and for the item to be actually deleted.

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