The Popover is a widget that shows notifications within a box with an arrow pointing to a specified UI element.

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The following code creates a simple Popover on your page and attaches it to another element (in this example, to an image).

<img id="image" src="https://www.devexpress.com/DXR.axd?r=9999_17-FD0Id" />
<div id="popoverContainer">
    <p>Popover content</p>
$(function() {
        target: "#image",
        showEvent: 'dxhoverstart',
        hideEvent: 'dxhoverend'

There are several ways to specify the content of the Popover. Learn more in the Customize the Content article. The Popover can also be displayed with a title and toolbars. For detailed information, see the Customize the Title and Specify Toolbar Items topics.

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