Specify the Size of Tiles

The size of all tiles in the widget is determined by the baseItemHeight and baseItemWidth options. If you need to set the size of a specific tile, use the heightRatio and widthRatio options of this tile. In this case, the size will be calculated according to the following formulas.

height = baseItemHeight * heightRatio
width = baseItemWidth * widthRatio

For example, the following code makes the "Massachusetts" tile twice bigger than the other tiles.

var tileViewData = [
    { text: "Maine", capital: "Augusta" },
    { text: "Maryland", capital: "Annapolis" },
    { text: "Massachusetts", capital: "Boston", height: 2, widthRatio: 2 }
    // . . .

$(function() {
        dataSource: tileViewData,
        baseItemHeight: 130,
        baseItemWidth: 180
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