Keyboard Support

A user can interact with the widget using the following keys:

Key Action
← → ↑ ↓ Navigates through cells
Shift + Mouse Wheel Scrolls the content left/right if the horizontal scrolling is taking place.
  • Switches a cell into the editing state.
  • Saves changes made in a cell or row and switches it back to its normal state.
Esc Cancels changes made in a cell or row and switches it back to its normal state.
Alt + ↓ Opens a drop-down editor (a select box1, a calendar2, etc.) in the editing state.
Space Selects the focused row. In multiple selection mode, also clears the selection.3
Ctrl + Space or Ctrl + Click –°lears the selection of the focused row in single selection mode.
Shift + Space or Shift + Click Selects or clears the selection of a range of rows between the last selected or deselected and the focused rows.4,5,6
Ctrl + A Selects all rows.3,7
Ctrl + F Focuses the search panel.8
PageUp / PageDown Navigates to the previous/next page.
Tab / Shift + Tab Moves the focus one cell forward/back.
Focuses the first/last cell in the next/previous row if cells in the current row run out.
Shift + Click / Ctrl + Click
on a column header
Applies/clears sorting settings of the column.9
Ctrl + → / Ctrl + ← Expands/collapses the focused row.
1 - A select box appears in a cell of a lookup column.
2 - A calendar appears in a data cell when a column contains "date" type data.
3 - selection.mode must be different from "none".
4 - selection.mode must be "multiple".
5 - selection.recursive must be false.
6 - If the scrolling.mode is "virtual", the rows should be visible simultaneously. If the mode is "standard", the rows should be on one page.
7 - selection.allowSelectAll must be true.
8 - The search panel must be visible.
9 - sorting.mode must be "multiple".