DevExtreme v23.1 is now available.

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Keyboard Support

The DevExtreme UI widgets enable you to use the keyboard to switch between widgets within a view. The widget tabbing order is specified by the tabIndex option. When an end-user presses Tab or Shift+Tab, focus is moved to the widget with a higher or lower tabIndex value respectively.

var buttonOptions = {
    text: 'Click me',
    tabIndex: 0
var checkBoxOptions = {
    value: true,
    tabIndex: 1
var textBoxOptions = {
    placeholder: 'Input text'
    tabIndex: 2

If a widget is focused, the dx-state-focused css class is applied to the widget element. You can modify this class to use a custom style for a widget when it is focused.

Focused widgets can be fully controlled with the keyboard. To learn how to control a certain widget using the keyboard, refer to the widget description in the UI Widgets guides.