Specifies legend border options.

Type: Object

Use this object to make a legend's border visible/invisible and set up such border options as color, width etc.


Specifies border color.

Type: String
Default Value: '#d3d3d3'

This option supports the following colors.

To make the border visible, set the visible property to true.


Specifies a radius of a border's corners in degrees.

Type: Number
Default Value: 0

Use this property to round a legend's border.


Specifies the border's dash style in the legend.

Type: String
Default Value: 'solid'
Accepted Values: 'solid' | 'longDash' | 'dash' | 'dot'

The following values are available:

  • solid
    Displays a solid, continuous line.
  • longDash
    Displays a border using long dashes.
  • dash
    Displays a border using dashes.
  • dot
    Displays a border using dots.
  • Any combination of 'longDash', 'dash' and 'dot'
    Displays a border by repeating the specified combination. For instance, 'dashdotdash'.

When using the widget as an ASP.NET MVC Control, specify this option using the DashStyle enum. This enum accepts the following values: Solid, LongDash, Dash and Dot.


Specifies a border's opacity.

Type: Number
Default Value: undefined


Sets a legend's border visibility state.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false


Specifies a border's width, in pixels.

Type: Number
Default Value: 1