This section describes the methods that can be used in code to manipulate the Area object.



Use the applySettings(settings) method instead.

Applies the area settings specified as a parameter and updates the area appearance.

settings: Object

A configuration object for the area.

The settings object should contain options to be changed for a certain area. These options are listed below.



Use the attribute(name) method instead.

Return the value of an attribute.

name: String

The name of an attribute.

Return Value: Object|Array|Number|String|Boolean

The value of the required attribute.

The map data source can contain an object of attributes assigned to the attributes field. To obtain the value of an attribute, call the attribute(name) method with the name of the required attribute passed as the parameter.



Use the selected(state) method instead.

Provides information about the selection state of an area.

Return Value: Boolean

Selection state of the area.

When an area is selected, this method returns true. Otherwise, the returned value is false. To select/deselect an area at runtime, use the selected(state) method.



Use the selected(state) method instead.

Sets a new selection state for an area.

state: Boolean

Specifies whether to select or deselect the area.

To select an area, pass true as the parameter. Otherwise, pass false. To specify the selection state of a certain area when configuring VectorMap, use the isSelected fields of the object returned by the customize function.