Specifies the collection of columns for the grid used to position layout elements.

Type: Array
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The base width of the column.

Type: Number|String
Default Value: 0
Accepted Values: 'auto'

When using the widget as an ASP.NET MVC Control, you can specify this option using the Mode enum that accepts the value Auto.


The column width ratio.

Type: Number
Default Value: 1


Decides on which screens the current column is rendered.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

Before rendering the column, the widget considers the screen's width. If the width matches the specified size qualifier, the column will be rendered. There are four size qualifiers in all. The screen option accepts one or several of them separated by a space.

Size Qualifier Description
xs Stands for "extra small". Screens with width less than 768 pixels.
sm Stands for "small". Screens with width between 768 and 992 pixels.
md Stands for "medium". Screens with width between 992 and 1200 pixels.
lg Stands for "large". Screens with width more than 1200 pixels.
When this option is undefined, the column is rendered on all screens.
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