Line Series

Line series visualize data as a collection of points connected by a line. This line can be broken, smooth, or step-like, which corresponds to the Line, Spline, and Step Line series types.

Line series also include stacked series types: Stacked Line and Stacked Spline. In such series, the value of each next point is counted off from the previous point with the same argument. As a result, series are put in a stack. Very similar to stacked series are full-stacked series - Full-Stacked Line and Full-Stacked Spline. In these series, the sum of all point values by a given argument is considered 100%, and each individual point value is recalculated to be a share of these 100%.

To specify one or another series type, assign its name to the series[].type option. You can configure:

  • Each series individually using the series array;
  • All series in the Chart using the commonSeriesSettings object;
  • All series of a specific type using objects nested in commonSeriesSettings: line, spline, stepline, etc.
$(function () {
        series: [{
            type: "spline"
        }, {
            // ...
        commonSeriesSettings: {
            line: { ... },
            spline: { ... },
            stepline: { ... },
            stackedline: { ... },
            stackedspline: { ... },
            fullstackedline: { ... },
            fullstackedspline: { ... }

Refer to the Series Types section of the API Reference for a full list of options available to a specific series type.

Line Demo Spline Demo

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