Scatter Series

The Scatter series type visualizes data as a collection of scattered points.

To specify the Scatter series type, assign "scatter" to the series[].type option. You can configure:

  • Each series individually using the series array;
  • All series in the Chart using the commonSeriesSettings object;
  • All Scatter series using the commonSeriesSettings.scatter object.
$(function () {
        series: [{
            type: "scatter"
        }, {
            // ...
        commonSeriesSettings: {
            scatter: { ... }
<dx-chart ... >
    <dxi-series type="scatter"></dxi-series>
    <dxi-series ... ></dxi-series>
        <dxo-scatter ... ></dxo-scatter>

Refer to the ScatterSeries section of the API Reference for a full list of options available to a Scatter series.

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