Rearrange Nodes

The Sankey's algorithm distributes nodes between columns. This distribution ensures a proper node-to-node flow direction. You cannot move nodes from one column to another because this alters the flow direction.

However, you can sort nodes within a column. Configure the sortData object so that its fields correspond to nodes. The field values should be node weights: the heavier the node, the lower it is in its column. Refer to the sortData description for an example.

Nodes in a column are separated by a space. You can use the node.padding option to specify this space. In the following code, this distance is reduced to 1 pixel:

$(function() {
        // ...
        node: {
            padding: 1
<dx-sankey ... >
    <dxo-node [padding]="1"></dxo-node>
import { DxSankeyModule } from "devextreme-angular";
// ...
export class AppComponent {
    // ...
    imports: [
        // ...
    // ...

Each column can be aligned vertically. You can find an example in the alignment option's description.

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