A Beautiful and Immersive UI
HTML5 data visualization, reimagined

Mobile Data Visualization Widgets

DevExtreme ships with the tools you’ll need to create insightful and information rich HTML5/JavaScript data visualizations across platforms and mobile devices. Simply select the appropriate UI widget (Chart, Data Grid, Gauge or Map) inside DevExtreme and you’ll be on your way to creating solutions that offer immediate, accurate and relevant analytics for your enterprise.

Leverage your existing skills and knowledge.
Reuse your code.

Use your knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to create dashboards for any mobile device using a single codebase that can be reused across all supported platforms. DevExtreme libraries fully leverage jQuery and optionally support Knockout for MVVM user interface development. With DevExtreme, you can build multi-device dashboards without knowing or being forced to learn a single native platform SDK.

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