Optimal Performance

With any HTML5 mobile app, there are several ways to address performance concerns and help improve the user experience. For mobile devices using a webkit-based browser, DevExtreme extends widget behaviors to take advantage of webkit-specific CSS capabilities, such as use of native scrolling with pull-down to refresh.

Performance is further enhanced with DevExtreme's view cache. When a view is rendered, the view cache determines whether to use a previously displayed and saved view. This cache also participates in maintaining the state for the app when it is halted or even unloaded. In this case, when the app restarts, the cache can deliver the exact same view to the user. DevExtreme goes further to minimize the number of changes to the DOM when switching views; in many cases, no changes are required.

MVVM Inside

The DevExtreme's framework and widgets are built around the Model-View-ViewModel (MVVM) design pattern. This design pattern provides separation between application data (the Model) and the presentation layer (the View) by having the ViewModel as the intermediary between the two. This separation gives you the ability to develop, test and maintain your applications more efficiently than when tightly coupling data to presentation.

DevExtreme gives you 2 MVVM options: Use the industry-standard Knockout.js open-source library to provide MVVM services between your HTML markup (the View) and the ViewModel you need to write in JavaScript or TypeScript or if you prefer, use Angular.js.

MVVM Inside

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