A store-ready app, not just a webpage

Though DevExtreme applications can be deployed to your web server of choice, they are also ready to be compiled by PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) into a native package that can be submitted to app stores for publication. If you follow this route, PhoneGap also gives you libraries to access your device's built-in functionality such as camera, accelerometer, or contact list.

DevExtreme Mobile Html\JS Store-Ready Applications

Adaptive Layout System

Every mobile platform has its own strict UI guidelines. These rules define how to navigate within an app, type and location of different UI elements on-screen, colors, margins, fonts, animations and transitions, etc. As you know, the amount of effort required to meet these guidelines is tremendous.

DevExtreme provides built-in layouts that follow device UI guidelines set by supported platform vendors. It offers separate layouts for iOS and Android, so your apps can be submitted and approved in the quickest possible timeframe.

DevExtreme Adaptive Layout System


Visual Studio project templates and wizards help you get started quickly. Includes integrated View Designer and code window to construct views directly inside Visual Studio.


Use the built-in device emulator to debug your mobile app inside Visual Studio or use DXProxy and your favorite browser’s debugger and get your app ready for packaging.


Use the DevExpress Courier App to execute your app using the PhoneGap environment. Deliver a store-ready package for iOS and Android inside Visual Studio, without using platform SDKs or external services.

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