Elegant, Blazing Fast and Touch-Enabled
UI widgets for all your mobile development needs

DevExtreme ships with a comprehensive collection of touch-enabled UI widgets, including the Data Grid and high performance HTML5/JS data visualization library. They were built so you can create amazing experiences for desktop/mobile browsers and transform enterprise data to its most appropriate, concise, and readable visual representation.

Form Widgets and Action Sheets

Over 40 HTML JS widgets ship with the DevExtreme Subscription so you can build intuitive, easy-to-use mobile forms that offer all the capabilities your end users have come to expect from their mobile applications.

Whether you are developing a line-of-business (LOB) application or just a settings view, you are going to need input forms. DevExtreme contains a comprehensive collection of form widgets to help you create these forms with ease. Visually and functionally familiar text, number, date input, and action sheet widgets are available for all supported platforms. And since DevExtreme uses the Model View ViewModel (MVVM) pattern, it is extremely easy to populate the form with data and to read it back for processing.

DevExtreme Mobile Form Widgets and Action Sheets

Navigation and Lists Widgets

Because information lists are a common visual theme across mobile applications, DevExtreme provides a powerful HTML JS List widget to meet a wide-range of use-case scenarios. The list widget ships with a powerful feature-set, including: kinetic scrolling, infinite paging, support for the pull-down gesture to refresh the list, and custom item templates. DevExtreme also includes a powerful Navigation Bar widget, so you can create HTML JS applications that fully replicate the navigation experience found in native solutions targeting iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

DevExtreme Mobile Navigation and Lists Widgets

Gallery and Map Widgets

The interactive experiences you can build with DevExtreme are nearly endless. Both the Gallery and Map HTML JS widgets have been engineered so you can deliver solutions in the shortest time frame. For instance, the gallery widget displays a set of items as cards. Items can include individual images, allowing you to create a full-featured photo gallery in an instant. And as you'd expect from a touch-optimized widget set, swipe gestures can be used to navigate through items and a tap to select them.

DevExtreme Mobile Gallery and Map Widgets

Popup and Switch Widgets

When using DevExpress HTML JS widgets in a DevExtreme application, the framework automatically changes the appearance and behavior of individual widgets to match the look and feel of the platform. As a result, your applications look and behave just like a native application. Both the Popup and Switch widgets illustrate this native rendering - with a single codebase, you can target 3 major mobile platforms and produce applications that replicate key experiences found in iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

DevExtreme Mobile Popup and Switch Widgets

Flexible Binding Options

Each DevExtreme widget includes a jQuery plugin and bindings to AngularJS and KnockoutJS.
You can choose whether to create a widget via the standard jQuery method or use the declarative bindings
and support for MVVM by creating the widget for AngularJS or KnockoutJS. Regardless of the approach you choose,
you create and initialize the widget once, passing an object with specified configuration options.

Flexible Binding Options: AngularJS Knockout jQuery
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