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With Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 and 2015 support, DevExtreme was built with Microsoft's IDE in mind. Forget about XCode, Objective-C, Java and Dreamweaver. Use your familiarity with JavaScript and the Visual Studio IDE to build store ready apps that run across iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

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It’s your choice. JavaScript or TypeScript

JavaScript is the standard for cross-platform web client development but if you find its syntax difficult, hate its lack of strict typing and run-time checking, or dislike the limited refactoring options, you’ll be happy to know that DevExtreme offers TypeScript definitions for all its framework structures AND provides built-in TypeScript project templates so you can hit the ground running when developing web apps inside Visual Studio.

DevExtreme TypeScript Support

We'll help with the Scaffolding

Use our multi-platform Scaffold Generator for Entity Framework classes or any remote OData web service.

Already have an existing entity model or a web service? No problem. DevExtreme’s Scaffolding Wizard will allow you to select the required entities/tables, and create a working app skeleton for the Web and your preferred Mobile platforms in seconds. Oh, and if you do not have an OData service yet, DevExtreme’s WCF OData Service project template will help you generate one, with Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) already enabled – a must for JavaScript apps.

DevExtreme Scaffolding

We make it easy so you can make it your own. Visual UI Designer with Specialized Design-Time Wizards

Start off with one of our DevExtreme project templates. Add in one of the built-in predefined layouts to simplify the generation of your app's UI. Since we know you’ll want to tweak it, DevExtreme provides design-time customization of UI elements including drag-and-drop support, a property grid and a design/markup split view.

DevExtreme Visual UI Designer with Specialized Design-Time Wizards

Run Apps on Your Desktop

You're developing a mobile web app but don't have access to all target devices nor do you want to add a deployment step to your development process – that wouldn't be agile. Use the DevExtreme Device Simulator instead. From within Visual Studio, hit F5 to run your app within the simulator, select the device or platform of choice and debug your app in real-time against all possible usage scenarios.

DevExtreme Run Apps on Your Desktop

Debugging Made Easy

You've created your app and are now ready to test on an actual mobile device. Use DXCourier, our free deployment and testing app available in your device's app store. Just scan the displayed QR code with DXCourier and your app deploys and runs in the device's mobile browser. You do not even have to be in the same network with your development machine: we use a specialized cloud proxy server (DXProxy) to build a bridge between your test device and your development computer. DXCourier saves you the effort of having to deploy your app in order to test it on your target device and platform.

DevExtreme Debugging Made Easy

It's Done. Time to Publish and Get Paid.
Native Visual Studio Package Wizard

Sometimes a mobile web app is just that, a mobile web app. Sometimes though you may want to reach a wider audience and compile it into its native form ready for submission to an app store. DevExtreme helps you create native platform packages inside Visual Studio without the need for platform SDKs. We support packaging for the App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store, and the Tizen Store. DevExtreme also makes it easy to submit your app to the Adobe PhoneGap Build service.

DevExtreme Native Visual Studio Package Wizard

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