What’s New in v14.1

HTML5/JS Widgets

Deliver amazing mobile and desktop experiences.


HTML5 Client-Side Data Grid Widget (optimized for web apps)

An HTML/JS Data Grid, with powerful data-shaping options. Like all DevExtreme widgets, HTML5 Data Grid provides straightforward configuration options and API so you can deliver your very best in the shortest possible time.

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Color Picker

HTML5 Color Picker (optimized for web apps)

Allows end-users to select a color from a list. Supports alpha channel.

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HTML5 Calendar (optimized for web apps)

Calendar allowing end users to select the required date.

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HTML5 Menu (optimized for web apps)

Horizontally or vertically oriented menu that supports as many submenu levels as needed.

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Context Menu

HTML5 Context Menu (optimized for web apps)

Popup menu that provides extended options for the end-user in the current context. This menu is invoked by right clicking an associated element, as well as on a long tap or on custom actions.


HTML5 MultiView (optimized for mobile and web apps)

A widget that is used to display contents of the specified container and switch between several containers.


HTML5 Tooltip (optimized for mobile and web apps)

A widget that displays a tooltip for the specified element.

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CSS Theme Builder

Beautiful apps, your way.

With this release, the themes supplied with DevExtreme can be customized using an online Theme Builder. Whether you run it on your server or locally the CSS Theme Builder allows you to change colors and the base font in a theme.

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DevExpress Online Theme Builder | DevExtreme

Right-To-Left Support

The DevExtreme Mobile Framework, UI and visualization widgets now support right-to-left text direction. Applications built using the DevExtreme Framework and websites based on DevExtreme widgets can incorporate right-to-left reading order, mirroring of UI elements and reversed transition animation.

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HTML5 Widget Enhancements

Device-dependent templates for widgets

We have extended the appearance customization capabilities of our widgets. You can now specify the target platform for the dxTemplate markup option, which allows widgets to incorporate a separate template for each platform.

HTML5 List

  • With this release, we have added item reordering capabilities to the List widget. End-users can now drag an item and drop it onto the desired position within the list. Moving items programmatically is also available.
  • A context menu can be displayed for any list item.

Select Box widget multiselect mode

We have extended HTML5 Selectbox functionality by introducing multi-selection mode. End-user can now select multiple items simultaneously.

Slider and Range Slider tooltip for handles and labels

The Slider and RangeSlider widgets can display additional information for a handle or label within the corresponding tooltip.

NavBar widget item badge

The NavBar widget can mark out the required item with a vivid badge.

NumberBox widget spin buttons

The NumberBox widget now incorporates spin buttons, allowing an end-user to specify a widget value without using a keyboard.

CheckBox indeterminate state

This widget now supports an indeterminate state, applied if the widget value is undefined.

DateBox widget

A "calendar" type for the HTML5 DateBox widget simplifies date selection. The end-user can now specify dates using a drop-down calendar.

Performance Enhancements

Widgets have been rethought and reworked internally. As a result, you will experience performance improvements when using DevExtreme UI widgets across your mobile apps and websites.

  • Support for touch gestures (swiping, scrolling, etc.) has been improved as a result of the newly introduced gesture event manager.
  • List widget scrolling is now smoother, especially on Android and Windows Phone devices.
  • List widget rendering and animation in edit mode has been improved.
  • Slider widget animations are now smoother due to CSS3 transitions.
  • The Gallery, SlideOut, Pivot, Panorama widgets slide better due to the caching of required DOM-element dimensions.

HTML5/JS Application Framework

Performance Enhancements

  • With this release, DevExtreme displays newly rendered views up to 30% faster by disposing views asynchronously.
  • Performance across applications with a large number of cached views or very large view DOM size has been significantly improved.

Orientation-Specific Views

You can now define different view HTML templates for portrait and landscape device orientations. A corresponding view template will be applied based upon current device orientation.

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Split Layout for Tablet Devices

DevExtreme applications can now better adapt to tablet device orientation due to the newly introduced Split layout for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8. In this layout, there are two panes on-screen: a "master" pane and a "detail" pane. A "master" pane usually presents a list of items. A "detail" pane presents detail information on the item selected in the "master" pane. When defining application views, you just denote the views that is to be displayed in the "detail" pane.

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DevExpress Split Layout | DevExtreme

Visual Studio Integration

View Designer Enhancements

With this release, we've simplified the process of adding commands to views in applications built using the DevExtreme Mobile Framework. You can now use the 'Add Command' dialog within the View Designer. This dialog allows you to add a command specifying an identifier and a command container for it. In addition, you can invoke this dialog repeatedly to edit mapping settings for a command.

DevExpress VS Integration Add Command Dialog | DevExtreme

In the Property Grid, object arrays (like "series" in dxChart or "items" in dxList) can now be set using the Collection dialog.

DevExpress VS Integration Collection Dialog | DevExtreme

Cordova 3.3 Support

Now the Cordova library version 3.3 is integrated into the DevExtreme application template and used to build iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 packages.

HTML5 Data Visualization

"Top N" in Pie Charts

The HTML5 Pie Chart widget is now able to display only Top N values and aggregate the rest into one segment.


Group Small Pie Values in One Segment

You can now group small values and display their sum as one segment.


HTML5 Charts - Adaptive Layout

Both the Chart and Pie Chart widgets now support adaptive layout of their elements. When resizing a page with a chart, elements such as a legend, title, axis labels, etc. may be hidden in order to maintain the maximum possible size of displayed data.

HTML5 Vector Map

  • The Vector Map widget now supports double touch gesture to zoom a map twice.
  • The Vector Map’s API has been extended. New methods have been added to manage a map's zoom and centering options.
  • Additional marker types are now available.

HTML5 Range Selector

  • Series Templates
    When the number of series displayed in a range selector’s scale changes during the widget’s lifecycle, define a template for the series. All series from the data source will be displayed in the same manner. Individual series customization is supported.

  • Logarithmic Scale
    You can now use a logarithmic scale to help visualize datasets with rapidly-increasing values. You can choose a base for the logarithm so that generated scale ticks provide the most effective display of information.


Error Messages

ChartJS provides additional information when errors and warnings are encountered. In the browser's console, you will be able to learn the identifier of the error/warning and follow the provided link. This link navigates you to the documentation that describes the error/message and provides appropriate recommendations.

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To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 14.1 list.