What’s New in v14.2

HTML5/JS Widgets

Deliver amazing mobile and desktop experiences.


HTML5 Accordion (optimized for web apps)

Displays collapsible, vertically stacked sections so you can make more efficient use of space. Custom templates can be used within accordion sections.

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HTML5 Tree View (optimized for web apps)

Displays a hierarchical collection of items using a traditional tree structure. TreeView nodes can be expanded and collapsed to display sub-items.

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HTML5 Tag Box (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Allows end users to select multiple items from a dropdown list.

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HTML5 Tab Panel (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Displays content using a tab-based navigation metaphor. Both the content and tab titles are rendered using specified templates.

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HTML5 Progress Bar (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Visually indicates the progress of operations within your app/site.

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HTML5 File Uploader (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Provides an easy way to upload image and video files to your site. This widget allows you to browse directories and select files (multiple file uploads are supported). Drag and drop is available.

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HTML5 Box (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Lays out nested elements across a column or row.

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HTML5 Responsive Layout Box (optimized for web and mobile apps)

Responsive Layout Box is designed to simplify the layout process and help you effectively target multiple devices/form factors. You simply describe the grid's layout - specifying rows, columns and size, then associate items with locations within the grid.

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iOS 8 and Android 5 Support

DevExtreme now supports the look, feel and user experience of iOS 8 and Android 5.

DevExtreme Android5 Support

Our Mobile App Simulator allows you to preview the look, feel and behavior of your apps against iOS 8 and Android 5 devices.

The packaging and deployment processes of apps built using the DevExtreme SPA Framework have been reworked to support both the iOS 8 and Android 5 platforms and their App Stores.


With this release, DevExtreme ships with a built-in input validation engine with a powerful and straightforward API - one that has been tuned to deliver the best possible UX and one that is consistent across all of our shipping themes.

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DevExtreme Validation

The DevExtreme Validation engine is designed to be fully customizable. You can apply it to any third-party widgets or use its UI elements in conjunction with any custom validation engine.

Widget Keyboard Support

To improve end-user productivity and meet government accessibility requirements, DevExtreme widgets can now be fully controlled with the keyboard. For instance, items displayed within our HTML5 SelectBox widget may be selected by use of the mouse, gestures or keyboard.

HTML5 Widgets Enhancements


HTML5 Data Grid

  • You can now display total and group summary information calculated across rows in a column. Total summaries are displayed in the grid footer. Group summaries can be displayed in group rows and group footers.
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  • The Data Grid ships with full support of the DevExtreme input validation engine.
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  • The Data Grid widget ships with master-detail data presentation support.
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  • A new filter mode is available. End-users can specify filters for multiple columns and apply them together by clicking the Apply Filter button.
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  • A new "cell" editing mode has been introduced. In this mode, once a user edits an individual cell, its input value will be committed to the server immediately.
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  • Navigation buttons and information on the currently viewed grid page have been added to the pager.
  • As a result of partial rendering, Grid performance has been improved.

HTML5 List

  • Edit mode is now available for your desktop browser applications.
  • You can mark an item with a vivid badge and a chevron.

Select Box Search and Editing

Searching can be enabled so that items within drop-down lists are filtered based upon current input. In addition, you can now treat the SelectBox widget as a simple editor and enter values manually when they are not found in the drop-down list.


Date Box Time Picker

The dropdown allows end-users to select time values.

DevExtreme Date Box Time Picker

Tab Horizontal Scrolling

End-users can now scroll to the required tab when tabs do not fit within the visible area.


New UI Events



Allows you to handle the rotate, zoomIn, zoomOut and move gestures.


Allows you to handle right-clicks or tap and hold in order to invoke a context menu.

dxpointerleave / dxpointerenter / dxpointerover / dxpointerout

Allow you to handle pointer movement around an element.

HTML5/JS Application Framework

Modal Views

You can now easily define modal views and navigate to these views using standard techniques.


Angular-Based Project Templates

We've added Angular-based mobile application project templates with the following navigation types:

  • Slideout
  • NavBar
  • Pivot
These app templates utilize DevExtreme UI widgets.


Visual Studio Integration

  • You can now build an application template with any PhoneGap plugin within a DevExtreme application project using the newly introduced Build Application Template wizard. In addition, DevExreme projects now support custom application templates created and built using local Cordova CLI.

    DevExtreme VS Integration
  • The DevExtreme application templates are updated to the latest version of Cordova (3.6.3).
  • DevExtreme projects now support NuGet packages.
  • DevExteme Wizards now support OData 4.
  • You now have quick access to ThemeBuilder directly from a Visual Studio DevExtreme project.
  • iOS 8 and Android 5 are supported by DevExtreme design-time tools and the mobile simulator.
  • MS Visual Studio 14 CTP is supported.

HTML5 Data Visualization

With this release, we've extended the capabilities of DevExtreme Complete with new HTML5 data visualization widgets, new charts types, improved end-user experiences and dramatically improved performance.


New Polar Chart

Polar Charts are a great way to display data whose values span cyclically repeating arguments. By using polar coordinates, you can display values related to each argument cycle as points - each displayed in a corresponding sector and having a radius proportional to the value itself. If you have multiple series, this widget allows end-users to compare values by viewing the resulting polygons.

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Chart Enhancements

  • New series types:
    • StackedSpline
    • StackedSplineArea
    • FullStackedSpline
    • FullStackedSplineArea
  • Error bars can now be used in the scatter, line, spline, bar, area, splineArea series to display errors, deviation and variances in data.
  • The diameter of pie charts can now be set explicitly to display multiple pies with the same size on a page.
  • Multiple modes for resolving series label overlapping are now available.
  • User interaction has been improved.
  • Legend, tooltip and crosshair chart elements expose additional usability options.

Vector Map Improvements

  • You can now display labels for map regions. To maintain the best possible appearance, labels are only displayed if free space is available.
  • Color and size indication can now be used for areas and markers to better illustrate the value of the specific parameter given for areas/markers in the data source. A legend(s) can now be added to a map to provide details on the color and size differentiation.
  • You can now obtain the coordinates of clicked markers and any clicked point on a map.
  • Zooming is now performed against the current mouse pointer position.

Range Selector Enhancements

Discrete data (categories) are now supported.

DevExtreme Range Selector

Additional Data Visualization Widget Enhancements

Rendering performance has been improved as a result of internal redesign.

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To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 14.2 list.