What’s New in v15.1

HTML5/JS Widgets

Deliver amazing mobile and desktop experiences.

HTML5 Pivot Grid (optimized for web apps)

The HTML5/JS Pivot Grid allows you to create a pivot table for multi-dimensional data analysis. The DevExpress HTML5 Pivot Grid supports data provided by OLAP services (MS SQL Server Analysis Services), and connects to any JSON data. By using the capabilities built into the Pivot Grid, large data sets can be summarized and represented in a cross-tabular format – and can be sorted and filtered as necessary. Because the Pivot Grid ships with numerous runtime customization options, end-users can also freely change its layout and data perspective based on their specific business requirements.

Documentation Demo Video

HTML5 Scheduler (optimized for web apps)

The HTML5/JS Scheduler widget allows you to display appointments or calendar events (local or remote storage sources) across a timetable. With this widget, you can create different types of appointments – be it recurring/non-recurring, time-limited/all-day, with/without resources. Appointments can be displayed using one of the predefined views - 'day', 'week', 'work week' or 'month'.

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Theme Enhancements

New Compact Generic Theme

This release ships with a compact platform-agnostic theme, allowing you to better organize large sets of UI elements within a single page.

DevExpress DevExtreme - New Compact Generic Theme

New High-Contrast Generic Theme

With the addition of the high-contrast platform-agnostic theme, you can now create apps/sites that are optimized for those with visual impairments.

DevExpress DevExtreme - New High-Contrast Generic Theme

iOS 8 and Android 5 Themes Improvements

With this release, iOS 8 and Android 5 themes will be automatically applied to your DevExtreme apps when running on any iOS and Android device. Outdated iOS 6 and Android 4 themes will no longer be used. Both iOS 6 and Android 4 themes have been deprecated and will no longer ship with DevExtreme.


HTML5/JS Widget Enhancements


DevExtreme HTML5/JS widgets now include WAI-ARIA markup and support screen readers.

Font Icons

We've improved our Icon Library and supply icons as a font now. This makes the icons instantly be customized. In addition, you can now easily use 3rd-party font icons - Bootstrap glyph icons, Font Awesome and Ionic icons.

HTML5 Data Grid

  • Excel Export
    You can now export data displayed in the HTML5/JS Data Grid widget to an Excel document (for all or only selected rows). Data is exported as it is displayed inside the grid - with sorting, filtering and grouping applied - with numbers, dates and formatting maintained.

    Documentation Demo Video
    DevExpress DevExtreme Grid - Excel Export
  • Header Filter
    With this release, you can filter grid data against any column by choosing unique column values from a drop-down list (using the column header’s filter button).

    Documentation Demo
    DevExpress DevExtreme Grid - Header Filter
  • Fixed Columns
    The DevExpress HTML5 Grid widget allows you to anchor columns to the left or rightmost grid edge. When anchored, columns are not horizontally scrolled with the grid.

    Documentation Demo

TreeView Virtual Mode

This release includes optimizations for the HTML5/JS Tree View widget when working with large data sources. The widget can now load only root items, and display child items when the parent has been expanded.


Text Box Mask Editing

Masked editing makes it easy to control text entry and ensure that values entered in the HTML5 TextBox widget satisfies a preset format.

Documentation Demo
DevExpress DevExtreme - Text Box Mask Editing

File Uploader Async Uploading

The HTML5/JS File Uploader widget supports asynchronous file upload both in desktop and mobile apps/sites.

Documentation Demo Video
DevExpress DevExtreme - File Uploader Async Uploading

HTML5 Calendar


HTML5 Gallery

  • Gallery appearance can adapt to current screen size.
  • A paged data source is now available.
DevExpress DevExtreme - HTML5 Gallery

A New Resizable Widget (optimized for web apps)

v15.1 ships with a new Resizable widget - a resizable element that allows you to place any content within it so that it can be resized by an end-user.


Popup Resizing

The HTML5/JS Popup widget allows end-users to resize popup windows.


Tag Box Template Customization

The HTML5/JS Tag Box widget now supports the use of custom templates for tags.


New UI Events

Allows you to handle double-click/double-tap gestures from devices like a mouse, pen or touchscreen.


HTML5/JS Data Visualization

Tooltip Enhancements

  • HTML Support
    You can now use HTML markup to customize your tooltip.
  • Positioning Improvements
    Tooltip positioning is no longer dependent upon a chart container’s boundaries. As such, tooltips for boundary points are displayed in the same manner as those for inner points.

HTML5 RangeSelector

  • New Lightweight Style
    This release includes a lightweight Range Selector widget style – one that is more compact and does not require the use of a chart or image within its background.
  • Slider Markers Positioning Improvements
    Slide markers no longer move outside the widgets boundaries. This makes it easier for you to position the widget (especially when used in combination with the Chart widget).
DevExpress DevExtreme - HTML5 RangeSelector

HTML5 Vector Map

The appearance of any specific map item (area or marker) can now be updated without refreshing all items (areas or markers).

HTML5/JS SPA Framework

Look & Feel, API and Performance Improvements and Capabilities

New features have been introduced to improve the user experience you deliver to end-users. By using native-look UI transitions and animations, the UX of mobile apps is now much closer to those of native apps. Because of the improved control over the rendering process and because of DevExtreme's improved API, you can now deliver a more interactive and elegant UX.


Theme Builder Layout Customization

Layout-specific CSS can now be customized within the DevExtreme Theme Builder.

DevExpress DevExtreme - HTML5/JS SPA Framework Layout Customization

Visual Studio Integration

Courier App for the Windows Phone

The Courier app now supports the Windows Phone platform. You can run DevExtreme applications on Windows Phone devices by simply scanning a QR Code in the DevExtreme simulator.

Latest Cordova Version Support

This release updates DevExtreme application templates and the Courier app to support the latest version of Cordova (3.7).

Simplified Testing of PhoneGap API on a Device

This release makes it much easier to test PhoneGap API features used in your app on a device. The Cordova library and standard PhoneGap plugins are added to your application automatically when using the Courier app. Simply scan the application's QR Code in the DevExtreme simulator and the application will run on the device with all required JavaScript files loaded.

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To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 15.1 list.