What’s New in v15.2

HTML5/JS Widgets

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v15.2 includes the new dxForm widget - designed to present and edit data stored in an object. This widget allows you to bind each layout item to a specific data field or generate a new data object based upon form field values.

DevExtreme Form Control | DevExpress

HTML5/JS Widget Enhancements


  • New summary display modes include: Display Mode, Running Total, Cross Group Summary Calculation and Calculate Summary Value.

  • You can now specify where to display total rows/columns using the 'showTotalsPrior' option.

  • With this release, you can export pivot grid data to Microsoft Excel.

  • The DevExtreme pivot grid widget now supports virtual scrolling, making it much faster when working with large volumes of data.

  • You can now reload data and change filter conditions at runtime.

  • New APIs allows you to retrieve a list of records (facts) used to calculate a specific summary.

  • Ability to save and restore a pivot grid's state (fields in areas, sorting, filters, expanded headers).

DevExtreme Pivot Grid Control | DevExpress


  • Performance optimization.

    • Rendering and refresh now execute twice as fast when compared to previous versions.

    • Data caching prevents unnecessary requests to a remote data storage.

    • We've also optimized use of Lookup fields. With the new calculateDisplayValue column option enabled, the grid loads only string values displayed by the Lookup field.

  • You can now edit rows using the edit form.

  • Ability to customize a column's header filter.

  • Between filter operator.

  • With this release, data grouping and summary calculations can be executed on the server. This significantly reduces the amount of data transferred to the client and improves overall performance when working with large datasets.

  • Two-way binding for Knockout and AngularJS frameworks forces grid cells to be updated when corresponding field values change outside the grid.

  • Ability to specify configuration options for editors used to edit column values.

  • Ability to show/hide the checkbox column when multiple cell selection mode is enabled.

  • A new 'cellValue' method allows you to obtain and specify cell values.

  • You can now check whether changes made to grid data are committed to the server.

  • With this release, the page navigator can also display the total number of rows.


  • You can now specify whether users can edit, create, delete, drag or resize appointments.

  • Display/hide the 'All Day' event panel displayed at the top of the calendar.

  • With this release, users can edit individual events contained within recurring appointment patterns and convert them to standalone appointments when appropriate.

  • With the 'appointmentTooltipTemplate' option, you can now specify custom markup of appointment tooltips.

  • The Scheduler allows you to handle the 'AppointmentClick', 'AppointmentDblClick' and 'CellClick' UI events.

  • Event cell duration can now be customized as necessary.

  • Fine-tune and perfect the Scheduler’s appointment detail form to address a broad range of use-case scenarios.

  • This release ships with timeline views available for a day, week and work week.

  • Mobile UX Improvements:

    • You can now switch a view using a drop-down menu.

    • A view can now be scrolled horizontally if widget width is not enough to fit the view.

    • A popup with appointment details can be displayed in full-screen mode.


With this release, you can filter widget items.

HTML5/JS Data Visualization


  • Ability to display multiple series in a single pie chart. Different series are now displayed as rings located one inside another.

  • With this release, we have added the ability to interact with pie chart series points using their labels (click, double click and hover).

DevExtreme Pie Chart Control | DevExpress


  • With this release, we have added support for multiple area and marker layers.

  • This release ships with new multiple projection types: Mercator, Equirectangular, Lambert cylindrical equal-area and Miller cylindrical projection. You can also implement your own projection.

DevExtreme Vector Map Control | DevExpress


Ability to specify the title and subtitle for all visualization widgets.


Integration with Parse Core Library

With this release, the DevExtreme data layer can be seamlessly used with the Parse cloud data storage.

Performance Improvements

UI Widgets Performance Improvements

Widget Average Rendering Time, ms
v15.2 v15.1
dxTextBox 8.8 12
dxAutocomplete 17.6 24.5
dxLookup 15.8 21.8
dxNumberBox 20.4 26.6
dxSelectBox 24.6 31.3
dxTagBox 20.1 25.3
dxTextArea 9.5 14
dxMenu 31.3 110.8

SPA Framework Performance Improvements

Initial Startup, ms Subsequent Startup, ms
v15.2 v15.1 v15.2 v15.1
Loading 1770 2760 1360 2760
Initialization 610 660 160 660
Rendered View Display 260 990 260 990

Chart Widget Performance Enhancements

With this release, our chart widgets are rendered up to 3 times faster than previous versions.

Visual Studio Integration

VS 2015 Apache Cordova Application Template Support

This release provides support for the Apache Cordova Application template for Visual Studio 2015.

Application Packaging for iOS 9

DevExtreme allows you to develop and submit applications for iOS 9 out-of-the-box.

Application Packaging for Windows 10

You can now build Windows 10 applications using the Apache Cordova Application template.

Support for Npm Repository as a Plusings Source

With this release, you can use the npm plugin repository. Simply add the plugin's address to the config and build a custom application template.

Application Themes

New Windows 10 Inspired Theme

This release includes a new Windows 10 inspired app theme

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To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 15.2 list.