HTML5/JS Data Visualization

  • Ability to display multiple series in a single pie chart. Different series are now displayed as rings located one inside another.

  • With this release, we have added the ability to interact with pie chart series points using their labels (click, double click and hover).

DevExtreme Pie Chart Control | DevExpress
  • With this release, we have added support for multiple area and marker layers.

  • This release ships with new multiple projection types: Mercator, Equirectangular, Lambert cylindrical equal-area and Miller cylindrical projection. You can also implement your own projection.

DevExtreme Vector Map Control | DevExpress

Ability to specify the title and subtitle for all visualization widgets.


Integration with Parse Core Library

With this release, the DevExtreme data layer can be seamlessly used with the Parse cloud data storage.

Performance Improvements

UI Widgets Performance Improvements
Widget Average Rendering Time, ms
v15.2 v15.1
dxTextBox 8.8 12
dxAutocomplete 17.6 24.5
dxLookup 15.8 21.8
dxNumberBox 20.4 26.6
dxSelectBox 24.6 31.3
dxTagBox 20.1 25.3
dxTextArea 9.5 14
dxMenu 31.3 110.8
SPA Framework Performance Improvements
Initial Startup, ms Subsequent Startup, ms
v15.2 v15.1 v15.2 v15.1
Loading 1770 2760 1360 2760
Initialization 610 660 160 660
Rendered View Display 260 990 260 990
Chart Widget Performance Enhancements

With this release, our chart widgets are rendered up to 3 times faster than previous versions.

Visual Studio Integration

VS 2015 Apache Cordova Application Template Support

This release provides support for the Apache Cordova Application template for Visual Studio 2015.

Application Packaging for iOS 9

DevExtreme allows you to develop and submit applications for iOS 9 out-of-the-box.

Application Packaging for Windows 10

You can now build Windows 10 applications using the Apache Cordova Application template.

Support for Npm Repository as a Plusings Source

With this release, you can use the npm plugin repository. Simply add the plugin's address to the config and build a custom application template.

Application Themes

New Windows 10 Inspired Theme

This release includes a new Windows 10 inspired app theme.

Learn More Details

To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issued, refer to the What’s New in 15.2 list.

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