What’s New in v16.1



With this release, we have added the ability to specify different dxForm widget layouts for multiple screen resolutions.

In addition, our HTML5 Data Grid widget now includes the following options for small screens:

  • Expand and collapse groups using a mouse click or a tap.
  • Group rows using a context menu.
  • Select columns using check boxes displayed within the column chooser.
DevExtreme - Theme Builder

AngularJS 2.0 Support (CTP)

DevExtreme editors can now work as Angular 2 components.

ASP.NET MVC Wrappers (CTP)

v16.1 introduces DevExtreme ASP.NET MVC Wrappers, which allow ASP.NET developers use DevExtreme HTML5 widgets in MVC applications using Razor C# code syntax.

DevExtreme - Theme Builder

Bootstrap Integration

Our HTML5 Generic Theme is now visually-compatible with the Bootstrap framework.

The DevExtreme Theme Builder allows you to create a custom DevExtreme theme based on a custom Bootstrap theme.

DevExtreme - Theme Builder

Data Grid

Banded Column Layout

Our HTML5-JavaScript Data Grid now offers extended layout and customization options so you can easily display and reorder entire column sets. With this feature, you can create Banded column layouts and deliver an optimized user experience for a broad range of use-case scenarios.

DevExtreme Data Grid - Banded Columns Layout

Data Visualization

HTML5-JavaScript TreeMap

v16.1 ships with our new HTML5 TreeMap widget so you can quickly visualize flat or hierarchical data using nested rectangles that are sized and ordered by a quantitative variable.

DevExtreme - dxTreeMap Widget

Client-Side HTML5-JavaScript Chart Export

Our HTML5 Data Visualization widgets now provide built-in client-side export and printing support. Features include:

  • Export to PNG, JPEG, GIF, SVG and PDF
  • Printing
  • Customizable menu
DevExtreme Data Visualization Widgets - Client-Side Export

Discrete Representation of Continuous Data

When configuring the scale in our HTML5-JavaScript Range Selector, you can optionally divide continuous data (numeric or date-time) into discrete categories via our new "semidiscrete" scale type.


With this release, you can use small modules and load only the required functionality. Modules can be attached to your application using one of the following ways:

  • Load modules automatically using RequireJS.
  • Create a bundle using Webpack.
  • Load modules using the jspm package manager.
  • Create a bundle containing the specified modules using the DevExtreme Bundler tool.

Pivot Grid

Field Panel

This release introduces a new component to our HTML5-JavaScript Pivot Grid widget. Our new Field Panel allows end-users to arrange fields and change filter and sort settings with ease.

DevExtreme Pivot Grid - Field Panel

Charts Integration

DevExtreme v16.1 now includes a method that simplifies integration of our HTML5 Chart widgets with our HTML5 Pivot Grid.

DevExtreme Pivot Grid - Integration with Chart

Relocatable Data Field Headers

This new HTML5-JavaScript Pivot Grid feature allows you to specify where to display field headers: within the column or the row area.

DevExtreme Pivot Grid - Relocatable Data Field Headers

Runtime Summary Type Selection

Your end-user can now modify summary type at runtime using the HTML5 Pivot Grid's context menu.

DevExtreme PivotGrid - Runtime Summary Type Selection

Tree Header Layout

The DevExpress HTML5 Pivot Grid now includes a tree layout mode. Use it when you want to maximize the use of screen real-estate within your web app.


Agenda View

You can now create a compact representation of appointments/events with the use of the HTML5 Scheduling widget's Agenda View.

DevExtreme - Scheduler - Agenda View

Timeline Month View

Our HTML5 Scheduler now offers a Timeline Month View.

Timeline Month View Grouped

Time Zone Support

The DevExpress HTML5-JavaScript Scheduling widget allows you to specify a time zone as needs dictate.

Scheduler - Timezone | DevExpress

Multiple Cell Selection

You can now select multiple cells via the mouse or keyboard and create an appointment based on selected cells when using our HTML5 Scheduling widget.

Visual Studio Integration

Project Update to the New "Cordova-Windows" Platform

With the deprecation of the "cordova-wp8" platform, Apache Cordova released and currently maintains the "cordova-windows" platform that supports Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. DevExtreme projects have been updated to support these changes.

Authentication & Authorization

The Web API OData Service project template gives you the ability to include OAuth authentication to your service.

If you create a multi-channel application project in the same solution as the Web API service supporting authentication, account views are automatically added to the multi-channel application project.

Account views in Multi-channel application progect

WebAPI in Multi-channel Project Wizard

v16.1 includes a new DevExtreme project template based on WebAPI back-end.

Widget Enhancements

HTML5-JavaScript SelectBox

The SelectBox widget supports value completion, which is applied upon TAB key press. Set the searchMode option to 'startswith' to enable autocompletion.

HTML5-JavaScript TagBox

  • You can now select multiple items without reopening the tag-box.
  • The TagBox widget supports a single-line mode. All selected tags are displayed in a single line and can be scrolled horizontally.
  • You can now navigate through selected tags and remove them using the keyboard.
  • Value completion. Press TAB to apply the suggested value.
TagBox - Bundle Item Selection


Performance Improvements

DevExtreme HTML5-JavaScript widgets are now faster by 20-40% when compared to our last major release (v15.2).

DevExtreme NPM Package

With v16.1, DevExtreme libraries are also shipped as NPM packages.

IE8 Discontinued

With this release, we no longer support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

Globalize 1.0 Support

With v16.1, DevExtreme supports jQuery Globalize version 1.X, which provides access to an always up-to-date, modular and simple i18n library.

Learn More Details

To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 16.1 list.