What’s New in v17.1

New Data Grid for React (CTP)

DevExtreme v17.1 ships with our new Data Grid for React. This new widget is not a wrapper over an existing jQuery widget but a native React component, rendered using Bootstrap 3. It has a composable and extensible architecture, supports both controlled and uncontrolled modes, and can be easily integrated with Redux.

Features include:

  • Data Sorting and Grouping;
  • Data Editing (Edit Row, Edit Column, New Item Row);
  • Filter Row;
  • Detail Row;
  • Paging;
  • Multiple Row Selection;
  • Virtual Scrolling.
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Data Grid for React | DevExpress

MVC Controls (RTM)

We are proud to announce the official release of our controls for ASP.NET MVC (v3 and higher) and .NET Core (v1.0 and v1.1).

v17.1 also includes:

  • Our Technical Demos cover over 200 use-case scenarios.
  • Integrated Project Tools allow you to add DevExtreme controls to existing ASP.NET MVC and .NET Core projects.
  • Visual Studio® 2017 Support.
  • C# and Visual Basic Support.
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MVC Controls
Strongly-Typed ’EditorFor’ Helpers for DevExtreme Editors

’EditorFor’ helpers simplify the data binding of DevExtreme editors to model properties. ’EditorFor’ helpers auto populate widget properties (e.g. name, value, placeholder, validation settings, etc.).

MVC Controls EditorFor

New TreeList

v17.1 introduces our new feature-complete, data-aware TreeView-ListView hybrid that can display information as a TREE, a GRID, or a combination of both with full data editing support. Its features include:

  • Data Editing and Input Validation;
  • Data Filtering and Search;
  • Data Sorting;
  • Fixed and Band Columns;
  • Keyboard Navigation;
  • Virtual Mode;
  • Virtual Scrolling and more.
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DevExtreme TreeList Widget

Data Grid

Advanced Column Sizing

With this release, you can set a column’s minimum width and specify how columns are resized when users modify column width. You can specify whether to modify the width of the widget itself or whether to apply changes only to the column positioned after the resized column.

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DevExtreme DataGrid - Advanced Column Sizing
Popup Edit Form

This release includes a new HTML5 data editing mode. Our Data Grid’s edit form can now be displayed within a popup window.

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DevExtreme DataGrid - Popup Edit Form


Performance Enhancements

Our HTML 5 Scheduler is now able to render only those appointments whose size has been modified.

A Week View with 15 appointments
initially displayed onscreen.







Adding a new appointment






UI Widgets

DropDownBox Widget

Our new DropDownBox widget is an HTML 5 Editor that consists of a text field and linked drop-down content.

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DevExtreme DropDownBox Widget
SelectBox and TagBox Enhancements

With this release, our Drop-Down List (in SelectBox and TagBox widgets) supports grouping.

TagBox Documentation SelectBox Documentation
DevExtreme TreeList Widget

Our Select Box can now customize the drop-down button’s appearance.

DevExtreme TreeList Widget

Learn More Details

To learn detailed information on new features and resolved issues, refer to the What’s New in 17.1 list.