Your Next Great HTML5 App Starts Here HTML5-JavaScript Data Grid Widget

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget

The blazing-fast DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid is a feature-rich data shaping and editing
client-side widget allowing your end-users to easily manage information and
display it on-screen as business requirements dictate.


HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Touch-Enabled

From desktops to mobile devices, DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid delivers the flexibility you’ll need to build apps that reach the widest audience and deliver touch-first user experiences to power your next great interactive website.

Standard, Virtual and Infinite Scrolling Modes

DevExtreme’s HTML5 Grid puts control in your hands. Three distinct data scrolling modes allow
you to deliver the user-experience that is most appropriate to the information your application
displays on-screen.

Integrated Data Shaping and Grouping

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Integrated Data Shaping and Grouping

Sort and group data and present information in its most compact and readable format.
Remote data support means you can deliver high-performance apps
even when using services such as OData.

Built-in Paging

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Built-in Paging

The DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid can automatically split content across multiple pages and
allow you to navigate data using its built-in page.
A rich set of configuration options provide total control over pager behavior.

Standard and Batch-Enabled Data Editing

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Standard and Batch-Enabled Data Editing

Flexibility lies at the heart of the DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid.
Four in-cell data editors and intuitive data edit modes makes use of the grid easy and straightforward.

Filtering and Search Panel

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Filtering and Search Panel

Whether you choose to integrate Excel-inspired filtering within the grid or prefer to use our API
to introduce custom search features within your web app, the DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid
offers numerous data filter options to address any business need.

Data Validation

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Data Validation

DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid ships with built-in support for DevExtreme’s data input validation engine. With this capability, you can validate input on the client before posting changes made. Client-side validation helps improve overall app performance because it avoids unnecessary callbacks.

Data Summaries

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Data Summaries

From the number of records within a group or maximum value across all rows in a dataset, the DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid allows you to use aggregate functions to display summarized information for rows and columns using standard or custom display format options. The following built-in aggregate functions are fully supported: Average, Count, Max, Min and Sum.

Master-Detail Data Representation

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Master-Detail Data Representation

Using detail information provided for each row, you can build master-detail layouts of any complexity, including use of grids for the display of nested collections. With a feature-complete API, you can implement your own UX logic when expanding/collapsing master-detail rows.

Data Export

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Data Export

The DevExtreme HTML5 Data Grid allows you to export its contents to an Excel file with ease. You can export all rows or only those selected. Data types in the output file are maintained — numbers remain numbers, dates remain dates. This allows users to work with the exported data inside Excel without any data transformation.

Flexible Binding Options

HTML5-Java Script Data Grid Widget Flexible Binding Options

Each DevExtreme widget includes a jQuery plugin and bindings to AngularJS and KnockoutJS.
You can choose whether to create a widget via the standard jQuery method or use the declarative bindings
and support for MVVM by creating the widget for AngularJS or KnockoutJS. Regardless of the approach you choose,
you create and initialize the widget once, passing an object with specified configuration options.

The Tip of the Iceberg

From right to left support and column customization, to custom templates and grid state management,
DevExtreme’s HTML5 Data Grid ships with numerous high-performance features,
many of which you can explore today by reviewing our online technical demos.

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