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Data Layer

Create cross-platform and mobile-friendly JavaScript apps with less effort

With built-in adaptivity support, our UI components and responsive app layout templates simplify cross-platform frontend development.

Adaptivity - Desktop
Adaptivity - Tablet
Adaptivity - Mobile

Manage large datasets and build WebSocket-based real-time apps

Our unique Data Layer allows you to deliver apps with outstanding performance characteristics (ASP.NET Core, Java, NodeJS, PHP or any other backend).

Explore our live demos:

Large dataset

Leverage modern web UI trends and maintain the visual identity of your company brand

Optimized and customizable themes for your next modern web app. Built-in support for Dark/Light and Normal/Compact theme options, with multiple color combinations.

Material Theme
Generic Theme
Fluent Theme

Customize default UI elements and behaviors as business requirements dictate

With DevExtreme, you are not limited to default appearance settings or behaviors. DevExtreme’s extensive extensibility options allow you to address even the most complex UI requirements.

Default component
Customized component

Stunning User Experiences – At Your Fingertips

CRM & ERP Applications

Responsive UI for Client Relationship Management and Enterprise Resource Planning Apps

Our blazing-fast DataGrid, responsive Form, and integrated Data Editor components allow you to create everything from an in-house CRM to a full-blown ERP system. Additionally, your apps can present information within fully editable Form Views or compact List Views:

Form View

List View

CRM & ERP Applications - Form
CRM & ERP Applications - List

Analytics & BI Dashboards

Responsive UI for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Dashboards

Build responsive information systems with our high-impact suite of high-performance data visualization components. DevExtreme includes 30+ interactive chart types and gauge controls with real-time update support.

Analytics & BI Dashboards

Project & Task Management

Responsive UI for Project Planning and Event Management JavaScript Applications

Our feature-complete Scheduler and Gantt components allow you to incorporate task planning and project management capabilities within any JavaScript app.




Project & Task Management - Scheduler
Project & Task Management Kanban
Project & Task Management Gantt

HR Management

Responsive UI for Human Resource & Employee Management JavaScript Applications

Deliver enterprise-grade HR apps for any industry and use case scenario. From simple employee lists and data entry forms to sophisticated organization charts, DevExtreme has everything you’ll need to build your best, every day.

Data Grid
Tree List
HR Management - DataGrid
HR Management - TreeList
HR Management - Diagram

Admin Dashboards

Responsive UI Templates for Data Management/Admin Dashboards

Build multi-purpose admin dashboards that combine data management and business intelligence views, user communication and file management capabilities, and pretty much anything you may need in a modern web application.

Admin Dashboards

SaaS Applications

A Set of Responsive UI Templates for Modern SaaS Applications

DevExtreme includes a set of pre-built SaaS application layouts and view templates. Hit the ground running and deliver your next SaaS app with responsive navigation, registration and authentication forms.

SaaS Applications

When Only the Best Will Do

Per Olsson

Per Olsson

Coming from WinForms, developing in DevExtreme meant a steep learning curve for us with a completly new technology. The fast and excellent help we got from your supportcenter was not limited to the DevExtreme components only, but also helped us with questions in a wider perspective.

Lars Ugleberg

Lars Ugleberg

I have used DevExpress WPF in the past, and always been impressed with their support and the richness of their offer. Now, as I am venturing into developing my first web application, I first looked at a competitor because they provide a free license. But I gave up because their documentation is inadequate. So, I have tried DevExtreme, and managed to use it quickly and with much less effort.

Pavel Bortnovskiy

During my free-trial, DevExpress tech and customer support were superb. Not only did we like the DevExtreme product, as it matched and surpassed all of our needs and will allow us to create everything we set out to do, but also the promptness and expertise of your support were unparalleled. I am very happy to purchase your 12-month package and continue working with your product and your team. Thank you!

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“I have been using DevExpress for 12 to 13 years now. Their components are generally the best available and their industry-leading developer support takes everything to the next level! It's like having another team member working with you (the one who knows all the answers!).”

Sean Kearon

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70+ JavaScript UI Components

Available for React, Angular, Vue and jQuery

Data Management and Analysis

Display, shape, and manage data.

DevExtreme includes a variety of feature-complete data centric UI components.

Data Visualization

Build intuitive BI dashboards and deliver easy-to-read information systems.

From charts and maps to gauge controls, DevExtreme includes numerous data visualization components.

Layout & Navigation

Organize UI elements across your entire application or customize individual app views.

Our responsive layout and navigation components will help you deliver the best possible user experience.

Actions & Lists

Create web apps that adhere to modern UX guidelines and look & feel standards.

DevExtreme includes a variety of action and list components for your next responsive/interactive web app.

Dialogs & Notification Panels

Incorporate real-time notifications and display information-rich dialogs.

From simple tooltips and progress indicators to functional popups and toasts, DevExtreme helps you build your best, without limits or compromise.