End-User License Agreements

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to develop applications using DevExtreme. What do I buy?

To create applications using the tools that ship as part of DevExtreme, you must purchase a 12 month subscription from DevExpress or its authorized resellers. When you purchase a 12 month subscription to DevExtreme, you receive 12 months of major and minor updates for each licensed product from the date of purchase.

After the 12 month period and at your discretion, you can pay 40% of the original price to "renew" the subscription and receive another 12 months of free updates. If you choose not to renew, you can continue using the last version you obtained or are eligible to use. The 12 month time frame is merely for new versions/updates and has no relevance to rights of use (as long as the EULA is not violated).

Note that you can renew a subscription after it has expired. Renewal costs increase 30 days after expiration of your subscription (pricing increases on a monthly basis after the 13th month). Please contact our client services team if you have an expired subscription or if you need further clarification on the terms of our subscription.

Do I have to pay you royalties if I use DevExtreme?

If you purchase a 12 month subscription, you can distribute applications built using DevExtreme royalty-free.

Refer to the DevExtreme End User License Agreement for terms and conditions that govern its use and the list of redistributables available to you upon purchase.

I plan on modifying your source code after I purchase. Will I be able to do that and redistribute the modified libraries?

Absolutely. You can modify our source code and redistribute the modified libraries. As you can imagine, this does not apply to situations in which you are modifying our code and repackaging our tools and selling competing or corollary products. Consult our EULA for additional information.

My company is interested in DevExtreme. Do you license per developer?

DevExpress licenses its products on a per-developer basis. Each developer that uses our products must be licensed and therefore must purchase a license. We don't license per machine, per server, or demand any royalties or run-time fees. For more information, you can read our End-User License Agreement. If you have a testing team and they need to compile the application, then those testers will also need a license each. Testers who just test the completed, compiled application (that is, use it much as an end-user does) do not need a license.

Do you offer multi-developer discounts?

Yes, We offer tiered discounts when purchasing more than one license for your development team. Multi-User discounts are as follows:

  • 2-5 Licenses: 10% discount
  • 6-10 Licenses: 15% discount

If you require more than 10 licenses for your team, contact us by email at info@devexpress.com, chat with us online or call us at +1 (818) 844-3383 between 7:30AM and 4:30PM Pacific Time.

Can we transfer licenses if a developer leaves my company?

Yes. In fact you can do this yourself using our website once the company has purchased more than one license. Log in to the DevExpress.com website and select My Account | Assign Licenses where you can assign a particular license to a given email address (that's how we differentiate between developers).

Support Services

What avenues of support do you provide? What's the response time? How long does support last?

Support is provided by one of two methods: either by a web-based system we call the Support Center, or by email (support@devexpress.com). We aim to respond to all questions within one business day.

Support is only provided to a developer with a valid subscription. If you own an active DevExtreme Subscription, you will be entitled to technical support from a member of our technical support team - voted best support team by readers of DevConnections magazine.