Nov 11, 2014
Ray Navasarkian (DevExpress)

HTML 5 Chart and Map Widget Enhancements (Coming soon in v14.2)

In our upcoming release, we’ve extended the capabilities of DevExtreme Complete with new HTML 5 data visualization widgets, new charts types, improved end-user experiences and dramatically improved performance.

New HTML 5 Polar Chart Widget

Polar Charts are a great way to display data whose values span cyclically repeating arguments. By using polar coordinates, you can display values related to each argument cycle as points - each displayed in a corresponding sector and having a radius proportional to the value itself. If you have multiple series, this widget allows end-users to compare values by viewing the resulting polygons.

HTML 5 Polar Chart Widget

As you might expect, the DevExpress HTML 5 Polar Chart supports a variety of the series types - giving you the flexibility to present information in the most effective, readable format possible.

HTML 5 Polar Chart Series Types

New HTML 5 Chart Widget Error Bars

DevExtreme v14.2 improves the statistical capabilities of our chart widgets with the introduction of Error Bars - designed so you can map values with deviations and to use standard statistical functions for calculating value errors, deviations and variances.

HTML 5 Chart Widget Error Bars

New HTML 5 Chart Widget Series Types

This release extends the collection of Chart Widget series types shipped with DevExtreme: As you can see below, stacked and full stacked versions of splines and spline areas are now supported.

HTML 5 Chart Widget Series Types

Touch Enabled Zooming and Scrolling

Inspired by the HTML 5 SelectBox, this new widget allows you to select multiple tags from a predefined set. The Tag Box supports incremental filtering and the addition of custom tags on the fly.

HTML 5 Progress Bar

In previous versions, we recommended the use of our HTML 5 Range Selector Widget to zoom and scroll charts with a long argument axis. Though the Range Selector remains a powerful UI metaphor, this release offers an alternative approach to zoom/scroll the contents of your chart. This new implementation is designed to allow the use of touch gestures and the built-in chart scroller to zoom/scroll as needed.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget

With this release, Vector Map areas support the use of labels. In addition, you can now use color differentiation to visually demonstrate the values of a specific parameter that characterizes individual areas.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget

You can also use markers with color and size differentiation to help illustrate a specific parameter.

HTML 5 Vector Map Widget with Markers

And as you've probably noticed by now, DevExtreme v14.2 allows you to add a legend to the HTML 5 Vector Map Widget in order to provide details on the color used and size diapasons.

Improved Performance

We remain fully committed to building the most powerful HTML 5 Charting Library on the market. To that end and as a result of modifications to our rendering engine, v14.2 is up to 50% faster than previous versions of DevExtreme.