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Predefined Types

This demo illustrates the predefined types of the Button widget. A Toast is displayed each time you click a Button.
<div class="dx-fieldset"> <div class="dx-field"> <div class="dx-field-label">Normal</div> <div class="dx-field-value"> @(Html.DevExtreme().Button() .Text("OK") .Type(ButtonType.Normal) .OnClick("notify") ) </div> </div> <div class="dx-field"> <div class="dx-field-label">Success</div> <div class="dx-field-value"> @(Html.DevExtreme().Button() .Text("Apply") .Type(ButtonType.Success) .OnClick("notify") ) </div> </div> <div class="dx-field"> <div class="dx-field-label">Default</div> <div class="dx-field-value"> @(Html.DevExtreme().Button() .Text("Done") .Type(ButtonType.Default) .OnClick("notify") ) </div> </div> <div class="dx-field"> <div class="dx-field-label">Danger</div> <div class="dx-field-value"> @(Html.DevExtreme().Button() .Text("Delete") .Type(ButtonType.Danger) .OnClick("notify") ) </div> </div> <div class="dx-field"> <div class="dx-field-label">Back</div> <div class="dx-field-value"> @(Html.DevExtreme().Button() .Type(ButtonType.Back) .OnClick("notify") ) </div> </div> </div> <script> function notify(data) { var buttonText = data.component.option("text"); DevExpress.ui.notify("The " + buttonText + " button was clicked"); } </script>
using System; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Linq; using System.Web.Mvc; namespace DevExtreme.MVC.Demos.Controllers { public class ButtonController : Controller { public ActionResult PredefinedTypes() { return View(); } } }
.dx-fieldset { max-width: 400px; }