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Introduction to DevExtreme

DevExtreme is a component suite for creating highly responsive web applications for touch devices and traditional desktops. The suite includes 50+ UI components ready to use with jQuery, Angular, AngularJS, Knockout, ASP.NET MVC or ASP.NET Core: data grid, interactive charts, data editors, navigation and multi-purpose widgets designed to look and behave harmoniously in any browser.

Integration with 3rd-Party Libraries and Frameworks

DevExtreme supports integration with client-side technologies and server-side frameworks:

You can integrate DevExtreme with other frameworks or use DevExtreme widgets without jQuery and frameworks:

DevExtreme also supplies TypeScript definitions if you want to use TypeScript syntax.

Data Layer

Easily bind DevExtreme widgets to your data source no matter whether it is local or remote. Choose one of ready-to-use stores or implement your own data access logic.


We provide predefined themes to ensure that our UI widgets look native on any device and browser. However, you can use the ThemeBuilder to create a new theme based on an existing DevExtreme or Bootstrap theme.


To make your application or website faster and lighter, we introduced a modular version of DevExtreme. Combining modules, you can create a custom bundle that includes only those code parts that you need.


Specify a custom format for any value type using the built-in formatting capabilities. DevExtreme supports the Intl and Globalize localization libraries for adapting messages and value formats to linguistic and regional differences.

Download and Install

To include DevExtreme to your project, use the appropriate distribution package.

  • npm

    npm install devextreme@19.1 --save --save-exact 
  • Bower

    bower install devextreme#~19.1 --save
  • NuGet

    Install-Package DevExtreme.Web -Version 19.1.16

For Visual Studio integration features, get the Windows installer, or otherwise, download just the client-side library and its widgets as a zip archive.

Learning Materials

The following resources will help you to get the best of DevExtreme: