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Access a Point Label Using the API

Before accessing a point label, you must gain access to its series point. You can learn the details in the Access a Series Point Using the API topic.

To access a point label, call the getLabel() method on its series point. This method returns an object whose members are described in the Label section of the API reference. Note that for Range Series, the getLabel() method returns an array of two Label objects.

var series = $("#chartContainer").dxChart("getSeriesByName", "Series 1");
var seriesPoints = series.getAllPoints();
var label = seriesPoints[0].getLabel();
import { ..., ViewChild } from "@angular/core";
import { DxChartModule, DxChartComponent } from "devextreme-angular";
// ...
export class AppComponent {
    @ViewChild(DxChartComponent, { static: false }) chart: DxChartComponent;
    // Prior to Angular 8
    // @ViewChild(DxChartComponent) chart: DxChartComponent;
    label: any = {};
    getPointLabel () {
        let series = this.chart.instance.getSeriesByName("Series 1");
        let seriesPoints = series.getAllPoints();
        this.label = seriesPoints[0].getLabel();
    imports: [
        // ...
    // ...

Once you access a label, you can, for example, hide or show it by calling the hide() or show() method.

// label.show();
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