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DevExtreme jQuery - Migrate to the New Version

After installing a new DevExtreme version, update your projects using the instructions in this article.

You should uninstall a newer version before downgrading to a previous version.

Upgrade DevExtreme Sources

Depending on how your app receives DevExtreme sources, do the following:

Local Files

Replace older DevExtreme files with the latest version. You can find the new files in the DevExtreme zip archive or DevExtreme folder (C:\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress 20.2\DevExtreme\Sources\Lib by default).

If you customized the old CSS files, you should make the same changes to the new CSS files and only then use them as a replacement.

CDN Services

Replace the version in CDN links. Relevant links are listed in the CDN Services article.

npm Packages

Run the following commands:

npm install devextreme@20.2 --save --save-exact

npm install devextreme-angular@20.2 --save --save-exact // If you use DevExtreme with Angular
npm install devextreme-vue@20.2 --save --save-exact // If you use DevExtreme with Vue
npm install devextreme-react@20.2 --save --save-exact // If you use DevExtreme with React

// If the application is created using the DevExtreme CLI
npm install devextreme-themebuilder@20.2 --save --save-exact
npm run build-themes
See Also

ASP.NET MVC Controls Sources

Follow the instructions from the Upgrade to a New Version article.

Upgrade Themes Created in ThemeBuilder

Follow the steps below to upgrade a theme created in the ThemeBuilder if you saved the theme's metadata:

  1. Open the ThemeBuilder at the Import a Theme from DevExtreme Metadata view.

  2. On the view, click Upload File and select the .json file that you exported previously. If you copied the metadata rather than exported it as a .json file, paste it in the text area and click Upload Metadata:

    DevExtreme ThemeBuilder UI: Theme Import view

  3. Check that the metadata is applied, perform additional customizations if required, and export the upgraded theme.

Learn What's New

See What's New in v20.2 to learn about the new features, or browse the DevExtreme version history for details on which features any major or minor release implemented and the issues they resolved.

Learn Breaking Changes and Deprecated API

We always do our best to minimize the impact an upgrade has on existing projects. However, it is often necessary to change our tools' UI, API, or behavior to improve them. Take the following into account to ensure that your app works after upgrading:

  • Breaking Changes
    Refer to the breaking changes introduced in v20.2. Follow the instructions given for each change to mitigate its possible impact.

  • Deprecated API
    We recommend replacing depreciated APIs with their relevant counterparts because they can break your app once they are removed. Run the upgraded app and open the browser's console. A notification suggesting replacements is displayed if your code uses a deprecated API. Update your code to use the replacements instead of the deprecated API.

You can submit a ticket to our Support Center if you experience any problems migrating to the new DevExtreme version.