Migrate to the New Version

Once a new version of DevExtreme is downloaded and installed, projects must be updated. Use the Project Converter tool, available with the DevExtreme installation, to update your projects. This document will guide you through the upgrade process.

Run the Project Converter

Run the Project Converter using one of the following approaches.

  • Open your solution/project in Visual Studio. Right click the solution/project and choose Upgrade DevExtreme Solution to the Latest Version.../Upgrade DevExtreme Project to the Latest Version... in the invoked context menu.

    Invoke Project Converter

  • Run the ProjectConverter.exe from the folder where DevExtreme is installed. By default, it is located at the "...\Program Files (x86)\DevExpress\DevExtreme 13.1\Tools\" folder.

    Project Converter

Specify the path to the project(s) to be upgraded in the Project folder text box.

Look through the advanced options. Ensure that the Process subdirectories option is checked if you want to upgrade the necessary files in subdirectories. Confirm that the Create backup files option is enabled. In this case, the ProjectConverter will create copies of the files that are to be upgraded (the .bak extension will be added to the copies of the files), so that you can restore them if you have any problems.

NOTE: We recommend that you enable the Create backup files option if you have customized layouts or stylsheets in your projects. In this instance, you will be able to merge your customized layouts or stylesheets (accessible in the created copies) with the updated ones.

Click the Upgrade button, at which time your project(s) will be upgraded to the new version.

Remove Old JQuery Functions

You may have the following code in your app (it was added to the db.js file in the application template):

    $.support.cors = true;

Remove this code, because the new JQuery version that is now supported by the framework does not includes the msie flag.

Use dx-viewport class

If you have the view-port element declared in your application page markup (by default, in the app.html file), add the "dx-viewport" class to it.

    <div class="dx-viewport"></div>

In addition, you don't need to pass the view port to the application constructor's configuration object now.

Add the Tizen Theme

Since version 13.1.8, DevExtreme contains a predefined theme for the Tizen platform. You can add this theme to your DevExtreme applications. For this purpose, do the following.

  • Ensure that you have upgraded your application to version 13.1.8 (or later).

  • Copy the dx.tizen.black.css (dx.tizen.white.css) file from the YourDevExtremeFolder/Sources/Lib/css folder to the css folder of your application.

  • Add a link to the dx.tizen.black.css (dx.tizen.white.css) file within the index.html file in your application.

    <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/dx.tizen.black.css" />
    <!-- link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="css/dx.tizen.white.css" / -->