themes Methods

This section describes the methods exposed by the DevExpress.ui.themes object.


Returns the name of the currently applied theme.

Return Value: String
The name of the currently applied theme.


Changes the current theme to the specified one.

themeName: String
The name of the theme to activate.

The theme name passed as a parameter should be the value of the data-theme attribute used within the rel="dx-theme" links to the theme. For instance, if you have links to two of your themes,...

<link rel="dx-theme" data-theme="mytheme-dark" href="css/mytheme-dark.css" data-active="true" />
<link rel="dx-theme" data-theme="mytheme-light" href="css/mytheme-light.css" data-active="false" />

... you can switch between them in code in the following manner.


For details on the themes that are supplied with DevExtreme, refer to the Predefined Themes article.