Specifies the appearance of the text displayed in an indicator of the rangeBar type.

Type: Object

Note that the indent option of the text configuration object must not be set to 0 if you need to show the text.


Specifies a callback function that returns the text to be displayed in an indicator.

Type: function
Function parameters:
indicatedValue: Object

Defines an indicated value.

Object structure:
value: Number

Specifies the scale value to be displayed in the indicator.

valueText: String

Specifies the scale value using an applied format, if the format and precision (optional) options are specified.

Return Value: String

The text to be displayed by an indicator.

Default Value: undefined
Cannot be used in themes.

When implementing a callback function for this option, use the value displayed in the indicator. This value can be accessed using the fields of the object that is passed as the function's parameter. Alternatively, you can use the this object within the function. This object has the same structure as the object passed as a parameter.


Specifies font options for the text displayed by the indicator.

Type: Object


Specifies a format for the text displayed in an indicator.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined
Accepted Values: 'currency' | 'fixedPoint' | 'percent' | 'decimal' | 'exponential' | 'largeNumber' | 'thousands' | 'millions' | 'billions' | 'trillions'

An indicator can display the scale value that is currently designated. You can apply formatting to the indicator text using one of the numeric formats.

You can set a precision for the indicator text using the precision option.

In addition to predefined formats, you can utilize format tokens from the Globalize JavaScript library to assign a custom format.

For details on formatting, refer to the Data Formatting topic.


Specifies the range bar's label indent in pixels.

Type: Number
Default Value: 0

If this property is set to 0, the range bar text is not shown.


Specifies a precision for the formatted value displayed by an indicator.

Type: Number
Default Value: undefined

The value of this option must be an integer indicating the number of digits to show for the scale value displayed by the indicator.

This option is used when an indicator displays a scale value with an applied format. To learn how to set a format for the indicator text, refer to the format option description.

For general information on data formatting, refer to the Data Formatting topic.