An object that specifies what and when to validate, and how to apply the validation result.

Type: Object

This option should be specified when you cannot associate the dxValidator widget with an editor, because, for instance, you use custom editors or a validated value is a concatenation of several DevExtreme editor values. For details, refer to the Validate Custom Editors topic.

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A function that the Validator widget calls after validating a specified value.

Type: function

This function should apply the validation result that the validator passes as a parameter. The validation result is an object. You can see its structure in the description of the dxValidator.validated event argument.


A function that returns a Boolean value specifying whether or not to bypass validation.

Type: function

If the function returns true, validation is bypassed, otherwise validation is performed.


A function that sets focus to the validated editors when the ValidationSummary is focused.

Type: function


A function that returns the value to be validated.

Type: function


A function that resets the validated values.

Type: function

The function resets the values so that end users can then specify other values. This function is called by the reset method of the dxValidator widget.


The jQuery.Callbacks() object that is fired when the specified value should be validated.

The dxValidator widget will add a handler to this object, in which it will call its validate function.