Default Item Template

This section lists the data source fields that are used in a default template for list items.

By default, a predefined item template is applied to display the items of this widget. This template is based on certain fields of the data source provided for this widget. Below is a list of these fields. If the default item template is not appropriate for your task, implement a custom item template based on these or other fields of your data source.

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Specifies the base size of an item element along the main direction.

Type: Number|String
Default Value: 0
Accepted Values: 'auto'

When configuring the widget using ASP.NET MVC Wrappers, you can specify this option using the Mode enum that accepts the value Auto.

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Holds a Box configuration object for the item.

Default Value: undefined

Use this field to make the item a nested Box widget.

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Specifies whether or not a widget item must be displayed disabled.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: false


Specifies html code inserted into the widget item element.

Type: String


Specifies the ratio value used to count the item element size along the main direction.

Type: Number
Default Value: 0


Specifies an item template that should be used to render this item only.

Type: template
Return Value: String|jQuery

A template name or a template container.

Whether you use a default or a custom template for widget items, you can specify a specific template for a particular item. To do so, set the template field for the data source object of this item. The following types of the specified value are available.

  • Assign a string containing the name of the required template.
  • Assign a jQuery object of the template's container.
  • Assign a DOM Node of the template's container.
  • Assign a function that returns the jQuery object or a DOM Node of the template's container.
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Specifies text displayed for the widget item.

Type: String


Specifies whether or not a widget item must be displayed.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: true