Custom Sources

For loading data from any other source, DevExtreme provides the CustomStore component. It is a flexible instrument that allows you to implement all the needed data access operations manually.

For the List widget, you need to implement the load operation. It is a function that accepts a bag of loadOptions and passes them to the server. The server must process data according to the loadOptions and sent processed data back. The members of the loadOptions depend on data processing operations (paging, filtering, sorting, etc.) that you have enabled in the DataSource.

If some operations are not supported by the server, you can perform them on the client after data is retrieved.

If the List allows the user to delete items, the CustomStore must implement the remove operation as well.

The following code example shows how to implement the load and remove operations. Note that in this example, the CustomStore is not declared explicitly. Instead, CustomStore operations are implemented directly in the DataSource configuration object to shorten this example.

$(function() {
        dataSource: new{
            load: function(loadOptions) {
                // Passed if "paginate" is true and "pageSize" is set
                var skip = loadOptions.skip; // The number of records to skip 
                var take = loadOptions.take; // The number of records to take
                // Passed if "filter" is set
                var filterOptions = loadOptions.filter ? JSON.stringify(loadOptions.filter) : "";
                // Passed if "sort" is set
                var sortOptions = loadOptions.sort ? JSON.stringify(loadOptions.sort) : "";
                // Passed if "group" is set
                var groupOptions = ? JSON.stringify( : "";

                var d = $.Deferred();
                $.getJSON("", {
                    skip: skip,
                    take: take,
                    filter: filterOptions,
                    sort: sortOptions,
                    group: groupOptions
                }).done(function(result) {
                    // Here, you can perform operations unsupported by the server
                    d.resolve(, {
                        totalCount: result.totalCount    // The count of received records; needed if "selectAllMode" is "allPages"
                return d.promise();
            // This function is needed only if the List allows item deletion
            remove: function(key) {
                return $.ajax({
                    url: "" + encodeURIComponent(key),
                    method: "DELETE",

For consuming data from ASP.NET and PHP servers, DevExtreme provides the following extensions that implement the CustomStore and server-side data processing for you.

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