Declares a collection of panes.

Type: Object|Array
Cannot be used in themes.

A pane is a chart area containing series. If there are many series an a chart, they can be distributed between multiple panes.

DevExtreme HTML5 Charts Panes

Each object in the panes array configures a single pane. If you have several panes, we recommend you to name each pane in order to be able to refer to them afterwards.

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See Also
  • commonPaneSettings - specifies common settings for all panes in a chart.
  • series.pane - binds a series to a pane.
  • defaultPane - specifies which pane must be used by default.


Specifies the color of the pane's background.

Type: String
Default Value: 'none'

This option supports the following colors.

  • Hexadecimal colors
  • RGB colors
  • RGBA colors
  • Predefined/cross-browser color names


Configures the pane border.

Type: Object

DevExtreme HTML5 Charts Panes PaneBorder


Specifies the name of the pane.

Type: String
Default Value: undefined

When there are multiple panes in a chart, series need to know which pane they belong to. By default, all of them belong to the defaultPane or, if it is not specified, to the last pane in the panes array. To bind a series to another pane, name the pane and assign this name to the pane series property.