Decides how to arrange scale labels when there is not enough space to keep all of them.

Type: String|Object
Default Value: 'hide'
Accepted Values: 'hide' | 'none'

When scale labels overlap each other, you can rearrange them by setting this option to one of the following values.

  • hide
    Hides certain scale labels leaving more space for the others.
  • none
    Leaves scale labels overlapped.

When using the widget as an ASP.NET MVC Control, specify this option using the ScaleLabelOverlappingBehavior enum. This enum accepts the following values: Hide and None.

Specifying this option with an object is deprecated.



This functionality is deprecated as redundant.

Specifies which label to hide in case of overlapping.

Type: String
Default Value: 'last'
Accepted Values: 'last' | 'first'



Use the overlappingBehavior option instead.

Specifies whether or not to expand the current major tick interval if labels overlap each other.

Type: Boolean
Default Value: true

If this property is set to true, the major tick interval always changes automatically when labels overlap each other. For instance, when labels are large due to the formatting that is applied, the tick interval will increase. In addition, when you set a custom tick interval that is so small that labels overlap each other, the tick interval will increase. To prohibit the automatic arrangement of ticks, set the useTicksAutoArrangement property to false.