Access a Series Using the API

The Chart exposes the following methods for accessing a series. All of them return one or several objects whose fields and methods are described in the Series section of the API reference.

  • getAllSeries()
    Gets all series of the Chart.

    var seriesCollection = $("#chartContainer").dxChart("getAllSeries");
  • getSeriesByName(seriesName)
    Gets a series by its name.

    var series = $("#chartContainer").dxChart("getSeriesByName", "Series 1");
  • getSeriesByPos(seriesIndex)
    Gets a series by its index in the series array. The index is zero-based.

    var series = $("#chartContainer").dxChart("getSeriesByPos", 0);

Apart from the API methods, you can access a series in the event handlers. For example, the onSeriesClick event handler gets the clicked series in the argument.

$(function() {
        // ...
        onSeriesClick: function (e) {
            var series =;
            // ...

Once you get the series, you can access its child points. For further information, refer to the Access a Series Point Using the API topic.

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